IP Consultancy Service for your start-up and app

You have a business idea and would like to establish or have already established a start-up company. You have developed an app and want to prevent it from being copied by a competitor.


The fact that software and app as linguistic works may be covered by copyright which arises automatically with their creation, i.e. with their programming, is largely unknown.

However, copyright is a protection against the identical pirate copy alone. The principal technical implementation of your business idea or your app is not covered. Quite frequently there is the possibility of an additional protection by patent, design, or trademark.

We can examine your technical realization for patent, design, or trademark protection and search existing copyrights.

Protective rights and know-how constitute the capital of your start-ups. We would show you how both can remain in your start-up and what to watch out for in any cooperation.

We can point out to you any state funding opportunities.

In short, we would reliably guide your start-up and app through the IP jungle and equip you with a basic competence in matters of intellectual property (IP).