Mediation for enterprises and private individuals

Conflicts are an inevitable part of working together and living together. Without an open approach to conflict it remains in existence, essentially unresolved. If conflict is not dealt with, e.g. downplayed, it smoulders below the surface. Sooner or later it will erupt again, probably more intensely than ever. At any rate it strains nerves and, in enterprises, simply put, costs money.

The key word is “clarification".

With the help of mediation a conflict becomes clearer, more distinct and comprehensible, to some extent understandable. On this basis solutions may be found that may involve either effective rapprochement or parting of the ways. The solution is in the hands of the parties involved. Through mediation we provide a protected space in which the parties can deal with each other openly and frankly and achieve solutions on their own terms.

Services include

  • Mediation sessions
  • Follow-up
  • Workshops on the subject


Tina Marschall & Dr. Michael Gross Mediation Kooperation

Dr. Michael Groß

In the field of Mediation we work together with Dr. Michael Groß.

The cooperating partners provide mutual support through joint activities (e.g. seminars); together they also inter alia provide Co-mediation.

Dr. Michael Groß is Head of the License Department of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, Munich, as well as arbitrator, mediator and conciliator, predominantly in the field of IP/IT.